May 5, 2004

Thanks to all supporters of the
Ricky Graham Memorial Indoor Short Track and Motorcycle Show

On Saturday, May 1, the world famous San Francisco Cow Palace saw the highly anticipated return of AMA Progressive Insurance Flat Track Championship to the West Coast. This event had to be experienced to understand the impact on the Flat Track and motorcycle racing community. Super-Moto Productions, Inc. would like to thank many individuals and companies whose efforts made this historic race possible:

Without question Top Oil and the Ryan family are the real heroes behind the scenes and on the front lines. Their vision and trust allowed this historic event to take place. We are forever grateful to have this relationship with them. We were delighted that the Ricky Graham Memorial Short track offered such an ideal opportunity for Top Oil to reach fans and the industry, and it is our desire to provide them with the necessary exposure to establish a well-rounded sales market of their products in the West and across the U.S.

Quality Checked Certified Pre-Owned Ford and Mike Dennis of Ford Motor Company Ltd. were key sponsors whose support of this event, established during Bike Week in Daytona, allowed us to begin the process of building a sponsorship package to put on this National Race. Five-time National Champion Chris Carr had substantial influence here, and we appreciate his willingness to put his name on the line for Super-Moto Productions, Inc. with Ford. Thank you from all of us. (Congratulations to KTM and Jon Zolokof on their first National Flat Track win as well!!)

As with all AMA Flat Track Nationals for the past several years, Progressive Insurance, Harley Davidson, Drag Specialties and AMA Pro Racing get the flag held high as they helped guide us through the process of making this event happen with the quality it did. Itís not easy to put a bunch of very different apples in a barrel and make good apple pie! Our hats are off to these companies and organizations for their effort in the RGM Indoor National.

The motorcycle show portion of this event could not have been possible without the efforts of A&A Racing of San Carlos, California, Ray Abrams and associated individuals, including Motion Pro and many others. We thank you for all you have done for us and for the racing community at large. One of the machines showcased at the event was Kenny Robertsí historic KR two-stroke Proton. Between the two of them, Kenny Roberts and Ray Abrams must have credit for at least 25 major rulebook changes across the planet with regards to motorcycle racing. We appreciate the efforts of these individuals who continue to push the limits of a sport that cannot be simply described with words. Thank you for keeping itÖ very interesting !!!

Last but not least, many thanks to the Super-Moto Productions crew and staff for an outstanding job preparing for the event and on race day. Eternal gratitude and much love goes out to Trish Schmeltz for all her hard work and support in so many ways. On the track and in the paddock, much of the smooth sailing we experienced can be attributed to the talents of John Davis, Todd Eagan, John Casimir, Chris Brown, Richard Doyle and Alex Armenta. Special thanks to the Los Gatos Motorcycle Club and the San Francisco Motorcycle Club (especially Katrina) for a job well done on the track and in the pit.

See you at the races!!!

Super-Moto Productions, Inc.

Photo by Chris Woodrow Photography

Photo by Chris Woodrow Photography

Photo by Chris Woodrow Photography