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Super-Moto Productions Incorporated was created specifically to promote AMA sanctioned Supermoto racing. We were a California Corporation created to promote Supermoto and Flat Track racing. The corporation has been dissolved and now the site exists for historical and personal interests. However we have been assisting in the promotion of West Coast AMA Pro  Flat Track events like the Calistoga Half Mile and the Sacramento Mile with Circle Bell Enterprises. Please watch the yearly AMA Pro Racing schedules for upcoming events so you don’t miss any of the action near you.

On March 6, 2003 the American Motorcyclist Association’s AMA Pro Racing announced a new racing series in this country, the “Red Bull Supermoto Championship Series”. This Professional racing series will attract the very best in all forms of the sport to compete for a championship crown.

For example, this series is late in the year to attract participants from all the major forms of racing such as AMA Pro Racing stars like the Ben Bostrom, Chris Carr, Doug Henry, Jeff Ward, and Micky Dymond, Doug Chandler, Mike Metzger, Travis Pastranna, and upcoming hot-shoes like Brandon Currie and Chad Cose.

AMA Pro Racing Supercross stars like Jeremy McGrath expressed a major interest in the series as well. You will find FIM International competitors such as German Supermoto Champion, Jurgen Kunzel, Frenchman, Boris Chambon, Itialian Ivan Lazarrini, Auzzie Mark Avard and more!!

You can see that it would also attract the fans from all of these prestigious forms of racing from around the globe to cheer on their respective favorites. This extreme series is particularly fan friendly and it is so by design due to the creative vision of individuals like Chris Bradley. The appeal of National, international and extreme sports competitors all on the same track should provide for some of the most exciting competition one can conceive of.

We can think of no better challenge to determine an overall motorcycle racing champion, sort of a “best of the best” type of series. Put all of this talent on a course that is 80% pavement and 20 % dirt a integrate a big sweeping high speed dirt track corner and you have created the most exciting thing to happen to motorcycle racing in many years.

Of course, the history of Super-Moto actually began with Gavin Tripe and his infamous televised “Superbikers” series. That innovation created a high powered hybrid machine never seen before. An open class 500cc 2 stroke motocrosser fitted with 19” flat track tires and wheels. Ricky Graham called it the most fun and exciting thing he had ever ridden!! Reaching an excess of 120 mph wide open on a paved section and throw it all the way down to second gear in a matter of seconds, climbing on the powerful front disc brake feet up and the rear wheel naturally drifting to the outside creating a beautiful drift never experienced on the pavement. Wow! The entire motorcycle racing world was hooked.

Many years later this is why Super-Moto Productions was created. In early 2003 I met with Andy Leisner and Scott Hollingsworth at Infineon Raceway to discuss the future of AMA Supermoto. More about that story soon so stay tuned. Red Bull had not been 100% on board but Ben Bostrom was on his way to securing that at a Red Bull athlete retreat in Mexico.
That season at Laguna Seca the AMA Red Bull Supermoto Series was born and history was made. This part of the web site is dedicated to the first official team who operated the series for the AMA and AMA Pro Racing. The galacticly awesome people at Red Bull led by John Paradine, Chris Bradley, Don Canet, The Hill’s, Michelle Rossi, Gary Begrow, Todd Eagan, John Davis, John Casmir, myself and many others you will read about on this site. We had the rarest opportunity imaginable and we were aware of the fact we were making history. All of us were determined to give it our best work and show the world what we had and it showed in the years we were operating the AMA Red Bull Supermoto Series. Ask any team member. It was absolutely incredible. Thank you!

Super-Moto Productions, Inc. contracted with AMA Pro Racing for “Sponsorship Implementation”, which is sponsorship exposure such as “branding”, bannering and repeater banner application for the series sponsors like Red Bull, Dunlop, FMF, SiDi, Yamaha and many others. John Davis and I also acted as AMA Officials as well. We worked closely with Chet Burks Productions to achieve the best television exposure possible on the VS Sports Network. The first series finale was on Live TV from Las Vegas!! That’s an incredible story!!!

We will be posting the personal memories, experiences and business dealings as the series progressed over the following 5 years. I guarantee it will be some interesting reading as I reveal never before published facts about AMA Pro Racing in that era.

So thank you for your interest and please keep coming back to check on the story as I make my way from that first event at Laguna Seca on to the present day situation with American Supermoto.

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See you at the races