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Hey everyone,

Welcome and thank you for dropping by the site! It’s been way to long and we thought it was time to bring it back and tell the story of the AMA Supermoto Series.

This site is also the home website for me, Brian Schmeltz and all the things that I (we) do in the world. You will eventually be able to navigate through my personal pictures, stories and business opportunities from the racing series.

As well you will be able to navigate through my personal business services and opportunities.

For now here is what you can look forward to in the near future.
I’m going to post most of my personal photographs from the years we worked on the AMA Red Bull Supermoto Series. (The best of them all) We will tell our stories and we will be asking you for yours as well.

There will be a special Ricky Graham section and most of that will be the story and pictures of the AMA National Ricky Graham Memorial Indoor Short Track we promoted in 2004. We will ask for your favorite RG memories and we will tell ours as well. That should be really fun.

We are going to be following the future The Top Oil Ack Attack, and rider Rocky Robinson. We will likely put in some of the history of the motorcycle land speed record that has occurred within the past 10 years or so. That’s a great story.

The World Supermoto schedule and updates from now on will be available her as well.
As an added link we plan to have a full section on AMA National Speedway Championships and the World SGP Series that we have had a serious passion for since moving near Auburn California and enjoying Fast Friday’s.

We will link SCRAMP, the Sports Car Racing Association of the Monterey Peninsula. This non profit body has been running Laguna Seca Raceway for many years. We hope to promote the value of these volunteers and how this organization uniquely operates the overall track functions. There will be rare track footage and lots of Laguna Seca personal history and you can join in on that too!

Finally you will be able to navigate through a private section of the site with memberships. These memberships will allow the subscriber to access special deals on everything from tools, motorcycle equipment, riding schools, motorcycle racing event tickets and associated tours. The race event guided tour package will be a huge part of our new focus. Stay tuned……Moto!!!!

Yes, we have some killer plans so keep coming back and check us out.  By this time next year we hope to be in full swing!!! Thanks and keep American Super-Moto ALIVE!!


May 22, 2006

Super-Moto Productions would like to announce the signing of AMA Sports Racing competitor Chad Cose. We are proud to represent Mr. Cose in all business associations in his transitional years from amateur to professional motorcycle competition.

On December 7, 2006 Mr. Cose will turn 16 years of age and be eligible for an AMA Pro License. We are encouraged by his natural talent, as a motorcycle racer, and encourage the industry to support his racing career by considering his past championships and commitment to maximum sponsorship exposure.

As well, we have committed to the support of 2005 AMA Sports Supermoto SM1 Champion Travis Ellis from Bakersfield. We want to congratulate Mr. Ellis for his mid pack qualification and finishes in Fontana during his first Professional event. We are confident the other competitors are taking notice and you will be successful this season.

Mr. Ellis and Mr. Cose have earned podium finishes in over 80% of events entered over the past 24 months. This monumental achievement makes them highly attractive sponsorship material for our industry. It is our goal to present Mr. Ellis and Mr. Cose together for 2007 in AMA Supermoto as members of the GT Racing Supermoto Team. Part of Super-Moto Productions Risk Management leg, GT Racing, will present Mr. Cose in Lites and Mr. Ellis in his current class Supermoto or 450.

Please join us in our commitment to maximum sponsorship exposure by supporting these two athletes in the years to come. Let us know how we can help your business grow by contacting us for a personalized sponsorship package today.

See you at the races!!

– – – –

2005 Supermoto season summary

As you can see we didn’t update the site since before Copper Mountain.
All of you know Doug Henry was injured at that event and now is recovering.
Good luck Doug, hope to see you back next year in AMA Supermoto.

The 2005 season has been interesting and educational. Reno had its share of anticipated excitement thanks to the mighty Red Bull. We at Super-Moto Productions want to congratulate all the Championship competitors for outstanding racing this season.
Burkhart, Kunzel and Dymond are true Champions and well deserving competitors.
I witness all kinds behavior during the racing season and these teams are exemplary in that area.

I wish to take this opportunity to express a few observations from the 2005 season.
A huge thanks to all the promoters who provide the venue to perform our racing tasks.
Thank you to all the AMA Officials headed by the man of the year Todd Eagan, I thank you.
To the superior media reporters who accurately tell our tales and truths with pictures and words, I thank you as well. Thank you to the mighty Red Bull for a huge final event in Reno. A million thanks to you and for the inspiration you provide us.

Why has a promoter from Canada been the premier American AMA Sports promoter? How was it that the organization that put on the AMA Sports Championship event got there in the first place? I’m totally confused about this, and many other things, but what else is new?

We look forward to a huge 2006 for AMA Supermoto. Please, stay tuned for the time of your life because we do not often get the opportunity to see a new motorcycle racing discipline grow from next to nothing. Thank you for coming to the races and thank you in advance for continuing to attend. Watch for the 2006 schedule and tell your friends.

Finally, congratulations to Travis Ellis, of Bakersfield California, sponsored by Cycle Gear on the AMA Sports SM1 450 Amateur National Championship Supermoto Crown.

August 8, 2005

Post Shawano Update!!!!!!!!

Supermoto competitors, fans and industry were on hand for this very impressive event at USA International Raceway.
Before I move into the specifics of this update please note that Scott Rousseau from Cycle News wrote a really cool editorial I recommend you read. You can find it on the inside back cover of Issue #31 with the full page Doug Henry shot on the front.
Thanks Scott!!!! AMA Supermoto needs a lot more of this great coverage.

This event was everything promised and more. The racing was great. The fans were great and the facility was over the top in terms of conditions.
Superpole found the usual suspects Kunzel, Fillmore and Henry finishing in that order.
In Supermoto race 1 hot shoe Fillmore got the holeshot and held off the field until a lap 6 pass by Henry and a lap 8 crash on the high speed section. This section also took out Eric Bostrom earlier, which shows the extreme challenge of the Shawano facility. It may not look tough but it’s very tough as well as fun to ride.
Moto #1 finishers were Henry, Husqvarna mounted Troy Herfoss and Ben Carlson.

Moto #2 had Kunzel out front for 15 of 16 laps. Way out front until Henry charges back to pass on the final lap of the race. Kunzel looked more than shocked on the podium. Jurgen always the sportsman made the comment, “Henry make for a good race in the end”. You could see his frustration however he was happy with a second and Leo Vince hot lapper Verderosa brings home the bronze with an impressive performance.
An off weekend for Jeff Ward finishing a high 4th for the weekend in race two.

Current points for Supermoto are Doug Henry with 87 leading Jurgen Kunzel with 81. Jeff Ward has 69 in third and Benny Carlson 4th with 57. Had Carlson not crashed twice in Moto #2 he could be tied for third with Wardy. See them in Copper Mountain!!

Have to love those Lites. It’s the Mark Burkhart show again wire to wire with Brandon Currie and Calvin Andlovec rounding out the podium. Matt Pursley 8th and Casey Yarrow 9th.

Unlimited wire-to-wire winner David Baffeleuf led Micky Dymond to the podium just ahead of Husky mounted Pucho Bagnis. Troy Herfoss fourth and Daryl Atkins a respective fifth place.

In what could be the last years for Honda Red Riders Supermoto. Yes, Honda looks like they will pull the program from Danny Walker this year and who knows what then right?
The racing was very good although wire-to-wire 1,2,3 finishers Jamie Seiver, Matt Menzer and Jeff Carver are off to the Red Bull finals in Reno October 1st!!!
Congratulations to all and thank you USA International Raceway for putting AMA Supermoto on the track in Wisconsin again.

See you at Copper Mountain!!

July 23, 2005

Shawano high speed and 20 turns…………Ya!!!

The upcoming event at USA International Raceway in Shawano Wisconsin should be full of high speed backing it in action. Just like what we have been waiting for in Supermoto.
More like a long, let’s see your legs, let’s see how you handle the high speed corners and let’s see what ya really got for us race.

I’m looking forward to it because we seem to be getting the Euro Invasion of competitors who are more use to these types of long fast tracks.
However, the Americans will be ready for them all the way. Champion Ward and Mickey Dymond will have the opportunity to pull out all the stops and put these machines to the ultimate high-speed test.

Now for another session of “Where are our Sponsors?”
It’s not big news that the AMA Pro Racing has had to deal with some significant changes this season especially in Supermoto. Can all of the interested sponsors please get in touch with Todd and work on a package for the remainder of the season please? I know of three companies that have expressed major interest and now that AMA Pro Racing has a Sales VP again can we get on with the “Let’s Make a Deal” portion of our program?

See you in Shawano………….

Post MOTO-GP Update…………..

We attended, we supported and we waited and waited like the rest of the planet.
Some of the situations we expected and some we didn’t. All of the post GP press has been pretty aligned and we feel much the same way as everyone else.

Congratulations to Nicky and Colin and Valentino for a great race. The real race was back a few places but my eyes were glued to * 69 because I remember him mowing down Haga in turn 11 a couple years ago. I was pleased to see a wire-to-wire win by Hayden. Boring, as it was I know Nicky was riding his ass off to make a point, I’m in the lead and you are not going to be if I can help it!!

Here is a bit of trivia for you readers. If you can answer this question I will buy the first correct response a Sunday General Admission MOTO-GP ticket for next year at Laguna Seca. Sound good?
Here you go:
Who is the only American to pass Nicky Hayden on the front straight of South Boston Speedway before a couple thousand fans? The year……………2003.
Send your guesses here at

OK Americans I’m ashamed of some of you. Know why? Where were the American flags and the American rider flags at MOTO-GP? I saw one very healthy Blonde goddess in the hill standing for the entire GP holding her flag so high her, um, undies were showing.
Good girl!
Can you say you are GP fans and really support the event if you cry about t-shirt lines and burned clutches? Europeans are proud to burn a clutch in the name of their countrymen! T-shirts are nice and a great souvenir however if you waited in a two hour line you only have yourself to blame for that! (since the SCRAMP people told me all of it would be available on line after the event) OOPS!!!!! I didn’t want to carry it around anyway. However, there could have been more stock to sell us.

Did you forget there were about 20 racing legends waiting to meet you in the Yamaha tent all weekend? To be honest the Europeans are right when they say Americans are LAZY! We get a GP and we complain about it. Did we do anything to insure the competitors felt our presence? Oh ya, if you don’t like the karts maybe you have forgotten about Yamaha and Wayne Rainey. I could never forget Wayne Rainey there is a corner named after him. As for Yamaha, oh ya they paid through the ass to get us a GP!! I’m grateful for that, oh yes I am.

NEXT…Did you bring an air horn or did you complain to the guy next to you when he blew his off???? If you complained about air horns at Laguna Seca…. !@#$%^& YOU!
You have missed the whole GP environment and I feel sorry for you.
Stay home next year and I won’t have to wait behind you in line for my lunch.

Here is a closer for you:
The AMA Pro Racing Technical Inspection team did the inspections of the GP machines at Laguna Seca.
(I’m not boosting them and I’m not one of them I’m letting you know that there is a ton of integrity in that)

July 23, 2005

Elkhart Lake update …. (late like never before)

The AMA Super-moto opener at Elkhart Lake Wisconsin has come and gone and in the books. (Moto-GP has too but we won’t go there, yet)
The First official AMA Supermoto Round went off well complete with a first ever rain race and the USA pushing its way into the front for an overall win in Supermoto.
Doug Henry would not be denied the win by VDB.
It looked to be all VDB until the last couple corners and Henry slipped into first with a courageous pass. Ward just a bit back fighting with Kunzel and Carlson for fourth with Carlson taking the overall fourth in points.
The points reflect VDB in first, Kunzel in second and Henry pulling third because of the new two Moto system.

An even bigger story in the 250 class or “Lites’ event. This first run, first ever event saw Burkhart, Diedrich and Pursley on the podium. Matthew Pursley has come a long way since the first ever event at Laguna Seca in ‘03.
Pursley put’s it on the podium like we always knew he could but Burkhart is looking even faster than last year. You do recall a near win if only a few more laps in an event last year? In the new Lites Class keep your eyes on Pursley and Burkhart on ’05.
It could be a great season closer in Reno with this very close racing.

Big fun in the Unlimited class for this opener. Pole sitter Dymond would rather we forget about the meatball flag fiasco. (Where is the stop and go location again?) Everyone felt bad for Mick, however he’ll be listening better at the rider briefings from now on I’m sure. D. Baffeleuf coming all the way from Cournon D’ Avuergne, France to an Unlimited first place finish in Elkhart Lake Wisconsin makes for good French conversation. Herfoss and Lodi local Bagnis rounding out the podium.
By the way don’t forget the “F” at the end of Baffeleuf or you might end up looking like a “casimir”!!!
Dymond came all the way from a personal Hell to finish 8th. Goes to show ya “never give up”.

Finishing 1-8 in the stubby due to “we are not out of school yet opener,”
Honda Red Riders Supermoto Class were the following classy kids:
1.) Travis Frassetto
2.) J D Beach
3.) Nicholas Hansen
4.) Nicholas Mataya
5.) Chris Laubersheimer
6.) Jeffrey Carver
7.) Frankie Lee Gillim
8.) Natasha Waschek
Please note the female participant placing eighth was involved in a fall in a high-speed portion of the course and we want to express our admiration and respect for her participation and hope she has recovered and back on two wheels again.
Thanks Natasha!!

April 13, 2005

AMA Pro Racing Names New Supermoto Series Manager

AMA Pro Racing has announced that Todd Eagan has been named Series Manager for the AMA Supermoto Championship. Eagan replaces Chris Bradley who left AMA Pro Racing in January. Prior to his promotion, Eagan held the position of Race Manager. In his new role, Eagan will have responsibility for managing the championship including race operations as well as rider, sponsor and manufacturer relations. Eagan will report directly to AMA Pro Racing CEO Scott Hollingsworth.

In making the announcement, AMA Pro Racing Vice President, Director of Communications, Kerry Graeber said Eagan was the perfect choice for the job. “Todd has been a part of our AMA Supermoto operating staff since the series was launched in 2003,” said Graeber. “Todd’s involvement and contribution have been a key part of the initial success of this series. As we move into the 2005 season, we’re looking for Todd to aggressively manage the championship so it can reach its full potential.”

Eagan welcomes the challenge. “I’m very excited about the opportunity to manage the AMA Supermoto Championship,” said Eagan. “We’re moving into our third year with this series and we expect to see increased rider involvement, fan interest and sponsor interest, especially since we announced the new class structure for 2005.”

In March AMA Pro Racing announced the addition of a 250 class (Supermoto Lites) to join the premier 450 class (Supermoto) and 490+ class (Supermoto Unlimited). Additionally, it was announced that each round would now feature two Supermoto finales. The Honda Red Riders Jr. Supermoto Challenge, which features youngsters between the ages of 12 and 15 racing on identically-prepped Honda CRF150Fs, will also be back.

Graeber said 2005 is a pivotal time for the emerging championship. “We have had some growing pains with Supermoto in its first two years,” acknowledged Graeber. “However, in spite of some tough challenges, we’re very optimistic about this form of racing. We’re seeing increased manufacturer interest in terms of supporting riders and teams as well as providing contingency dollars. Also, sponsor interest remains strong.” Graeber pointed to Red Bull’s continued interest as an example. “Red Bull will return as title sponsor of the AMA Red Bull Supermoto A-Go-Go championship finale,” confirmed Graeber. “This year we’ll move that event to the streets of Reno and if the overwhelming success of last year’s event was any indication, this year will be huge.”

Eagan will be based in AMA Pro Racing’s West Coast office. The appointment is effective immediately. In addition to his role in the AMA Supermoto Championship, Eagan has been a contributing writer and performance tester for Cycle World and its annual Sportbike magazine. Eagan is a third generation motorcyclist who has been riding since the age of four and competing in flat track and road racing since age eight.

April 08, 2005

AMA Pro Racing press release

AMA Pro Racing and Troy Lee Designs have announced that the AMA Supermoto Championship event scheduled to be held on May 14 at the Orange County Fairgrounds in Costa Mesa, Calif., has been postponed.

In making the announcement, Troy Lee Design’s Bob Weber said that his company was just made aware that a special state permit was necessary but that it would be impossible to secure the permit prior to the date. “Our pre-event planning was on schedule and things were in good shape for the event,” said Weber. “Unfortunately we then learned about the requirement for this permit, which came as a complete surprise to us. We had no choice but to postpone the event due to timing. The good news is that the Fairgrounds are enthusiastic about this race so we’re going to work with AMA Pro Racing to secure another date.”

AMA Pro Racing’s Vice President of Commercial Development, John Farris concurred.  “Obviously we’re disappointed that we can’t proceed with this event as originally scheduled,” said Farris. “However, we’re looking forward to working with everyone at Troy Lee Designs to find a suitable replacement date. We both agree that Southern California is an important market for Supermoto so we’re hopeful that this race can be rescheduled.”

The event scheduled for June 4 at Road America in Elkhart Lake, Wis., will now be the opening round of the 2005 AMA Supermoto Championship.

March 24, 2005

2005 AMA Supermoto schedule announced
– AMA Pro Racing has released its schedule for the 2005 AMA Supermoto Championship. The series will kick off at an all-new event in Southern California in May and conclude in October on the streets of Reno, Nevada. Highlights will include a return to Copper Mountain for a double-header event as well as a stop at the all-new Supermoto-specific track at Road America.
Kerry Graeber, AMA Pro Racing Vice President, Communications commented on this year’s championship. “The 2005 schedule is a mix of proven, existing events as well as a couple of new venues that show great promise,” said Graeber. “Additionally, the announcement that we will be adding a 250cc class and feature two Supermoto class finales at each round has been tremendously well received. We’re confident that this year’s championship will be the best yet.”
Commenting on the reasoning behind the season starting earlier than past seasons, AMA Pro Racing Vice President, Commercial Development John Farris said there were significant benefits. “The opportunity to showcase AMA Supermoto in Southern California in conjunction with a major consumer event like the Extreme Motorsports Expo (May 14-15 event) was just too good to pass up,” said Farris. “Same can be said for the new round at Road America where AMA Supermoto will be featured on a purpose built track in conjunction with the AMA Superbike weekend.”
The 2005 AMA Supermoto Championship is as follows:

– May 14 Orange County Fairgrounds, Costa Mesa, Calif.
– June 4 Road America, Elkhart Lake, Wisc.
– July 30 USA International Raceway. Shawano, Wisc.
– August 20-21 Copper Mountain Resort, Copper Mountain, Colo.
– September 24 Music City Motorplex, Nashville, Tenn.
– October 1 Downtown Reno, Reno, Nev.

February 10, 2005

AMA Pro Racing News Release

AMA Pro Racing announced today that a 250cc class will be added to the 2005 Supermoto championship season. The Supermoto class (450cc), Supermoto Unlimited (490cc +) and Honda Red Riders Junior Supermoto Challenge will remain part of the program and be joined by the new class, specifically for 250cc, four-stroke machines.

In making the announcement, Kerry Graeber, AMA Pro Racing Vice President, Director of Communications said that the decision was made partly in response to the large number of requests to add the class. “We have heard a tremendous amount of feedback suggesting that we include 250s,” said Graeber. “We want to be responsive to this demand while recognizing the equity that has been built up in the Supermoto and Supermoto Unlimited classes, so we will run all three, plus the Junior program, in 2005. Beyond 2005 we’ll have to assess what the market demand and equipment availability is for each class.”

Graeber also said that there will be some adjustments to the racing program this year. “Along with adding 250s, we’re also planning on implementing timed qualifying to the program. This will enable us to streamline the qualifying process given the larger number of entries that are expected,” said Graeber.

It was also announced that the Supermoto class will feature a two race finale. “Running two 450cc class finals at each round will make the title chase more interesting and provide a better show for our fans,” stated Graeber. Points for each race will go towards the championship.

Technical rules for the new 250 class are being finalized. It is expected that the 250 rule structure will be comparable to what is currently in place for Supermoto and Supermoto Unlimited in terms of allowable modifications. Graeber also commented that the 2005 schedule is being finalized with key events such as the Copper Mountain double header, Nashville, Reno and Las Vegas rounds set to return, along with a couple of new venues.

“Thank you for your patience. SMP has decided not to produce AMA Pro Flat Track events in the Spring of 2005. We are however working on a Mile event for the Fall of 2005 in California.
We apologize that there will be no San Francisco Cow Palace event this season due to schedule and financial limitations. We would like to thank all of our supporters for their email and phone calls. We intend to produce only events of the highest quality for motorcycle racing spectators. Professional and Amateur Flat Track and Supermoto events we intend to produce in 2005 will be announced when we have agreements signed and venues in place. Thanks and we’ll see you at the races.” 

Las Vegas 2004 Supermoto Final

Chad Cose, Jeff Ward and Kurt Nicoll Crowned…………..
OK AMA Supermoto fans the season is over and we have new champions!!!!!

Our super fast kid in American Supercamp, Honda Red Riders, Jr. Supermoto Challenge Champion is Chad Cose. Chad is from Fremont, California and comes from a hard working family. Chad was a contender last year in the Las Vegas final only to suffer a fall, which would close the door on a possible championship.

Coming back this year to the Reno round and impressing the entire motorcycle world by challenging the leader but coming up second in Reno. Good enough to qualify for the Vegas final and off to the races for his very own CRF150!!!

Chad worked hard in the heat race to get a good starting grid position for the main. A good grid position is very critical in this way competitive event. As it would turn out the leader on the first lap had to come in and complete a “stop and go” penalty for jumping the start. Cose would take advantage of the penalty, lower his head and not look back.

It appeared the stop and go was confused. He sat for quite a long time before starter Dan Argano had to tell the rider to “go go  go!!” So from the very beginning Cose had a bit of a jump. Worried he would be to big and the smaller riders would catch up, Cose just motored on and never looked back!!! Congratulations to Chad and all the Jr. Supermoto riders who made the Vegas final.  Thanks to Danny Walker and the whole team.

Good work!!

In the Supermoto Superpole Kunzel was crowned the pole sitter ahead of  Ward, Henry, Seel and Baffeleuf. The entire field, including former Supermoto champ Ben Bostrom, worked in the tracks long dirt section this year. The main event had Kuenzel out in from for the majority of the race. A chasing Ward had to really ride to stay with JK and eventually make a pass in the dirt section after a small bobble from JK. It was so close that at the white flag Wardy actually had less than a bike length on JK. The fatal mistake came when it appeared JK thought the white flag was the checkered!!! Briefly sitting up and snapping his fingers, JK suddenly realized this was only the “warning flag”. It looked like the last lap may have been much more of a race had JK not made this 2 second mistake. Two seconds in the AMA Supermoto final would be tough to make up especially going after a hungry Ward.  In my view JK had position going into turn one. Had he not hesitated, JK could have possibly put a wheel under and made a bid for the lead going into one.

Ward put the throttle to the stop for the full lap and made a Championship for the Troy Lee Designs Supermoto Team. Kunzel second and David Baffeleuf third.

Incidentally, if you’re in the market for dirt or Supermoto riding gear, Troy Lee Designs has the stuff…………..check it out.  Thanks for a great season and Doug Henry will be back next year putting the pressure on everyone.

Can you say Unlimited……..
What I want to know is where the !@#$%^ are all the other manufacturers?????????
(sorry kids) It just really scores my seat to see all KTM’s in the Unlimited. OK, there were the Husaberg’s, thank you!!!!!!!!! And the only Husky out there Mr. Avard. Thank you Pacifico!!!!!! However, all of you other 650 makers I’m way disappointed in your lack of support of this discipline. I bet your sales would jump in the Open Dual Sport class if you would just put Burkhart and Trachy on a flipping 650 and let them challenge the class!!!  Thank God Suzuki at least is putting a Supermoto model on the floor next year. Mel Harris is a brainy-iack. Go get them sales!!!!  

!!!OK, I’m off my box but come on, let’s get this Supermoto thing rolling already!!!

 In the race JK was kicking tail as usual only to suffer a flat, yes another flat, and KTM boss Kurt Nicoll earned his Championship title by LUCK!!! (and skill too)

David Baffeleuf must have trained hard because he was there on the podium AGAIN!!

All of us have witnessed another incredible year of Supermoto racing in the Unlimited class. Even if it was a bit like a SPEC CLASS. hee hee.

My hat goes off to “miserable framing carpenter” Micky Dymond who was consistent all year and showing everyone after a flying get off in the first turn a guy Dymond’s age can still “smoke them young guys.” Nice work Micky and you go get those sponsors!!!

At this time I would like to acknowledge a few riders who have come through all year on the track.

Mark Burkhart really showed everyone he’s a force at S. Boston by almost putting Doug Henry down. Burkhart came so close that if the race were one or two more laps he may have had DH. Also, in case you forgot Burkhart only lost Superpole at S. Boston by something like 1,000th of a second!!!!! If I had the cash Burkhart would be on my Yamaha in the Unlimited next year………………

Cassidy Anderson took a way nasty spill in the first turn pileup at the Vegas Unlimited final. His jersey was a shread. Officials had an EMT evaluate Cassidy and he was deemed fit to compete. However, he was in pain and after the sighting lap he jokingly told  his mechanic, “I think I forgot the track.” He finished dead last but he raced and stayed out of the way of the leaders like a true Sportsman, nice…….

Steve Drew of American Honda finished tenth in the Supermoto final. Steve is one of the guys who always had a nice thing to say, no matter what. Come rain, restarts and wayward fans, Drew always had a smile on his face. On the track pushing as hard as everyone, working the Honda for all it had Steve never complained all year. I ask someone out there, put Steve Drew on a 650 PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chris Fillmore took the whole-shot a couple times this year. Once in Reno and another one in Del Mar. At Del Mar Chris was the victim of the “5 left hand turns before the first right on dirty tires” syndrom. Fillmore really steps up for a young man his age. Can you imagine being 16 and teamed up with the experience of Jeff Ward and Doug Henry???

Chris is a “SLEEPER” if I ever saw one. Mild mannered and very calm off the track. On the track I say “who the hell is that??!! Oh, it’s Chris Fillmore.” No wonder. Can someone please put this energetic youngster on a 650!!? He can ride both classes.       Talk about a salesman for the Unlimited……………

Keep your eyes on the news, thanks for checking in………………………….

October 25, 2004

Del Mar Supermoto Weekend………

The Del Mar Motorcycle weekend allowed  for a ton of fun for all bikers. Short Track, swap meet and AMA Supermoto all in the picturesque Del Mar Fairgrounds.
If you have never been to this event plan on going next year.
We drove down from San Francisco and other than a small speeding ticket, all things went very well. (Oopsy!) I was warned by my passengers about other driving issues and finally Johnny CHP got me on a moving violation. After that I was driving a more humble direction. (slower)
The track set up went well and there was a call for a small amount of rain overnight. When we woke Sunday we were greeted by a small funnel cloud storm that put our track side trailer up to the wheels in H20. The area we and the AMA had set up in was a low spot on the lot with a drain that did not work. After dredging around barefoot to clear some sign-age that got caught we moved to higher ground and the drain was eventually cleared.
Now off to racing as usuall……..
The usual suspects took control of the new Clear Channel Supermoto track. Looking a lot like Supercross with the addition of a “Tunnel Jump” at the beginning of the dirt section. Competitors looked weary at the Track Walk. Later asked about how they liked the track most commented that it was different, fast and challenging. How about this, consider coming out of the dirt section making five, yes five left hand turns before the first right hander, turn three before the “Urban Cross” section, and discovering that the right side of your tires were still way dirty!!! Turn three was an exciting place to watch the guys “back it in”. A hard right, 180 degrees into the Urban Cross All Access metal jumps with dirty tires and it adds up to, “just how much attention am I paying to this course”? Troy Lee Designs Supermoto Team youngster Chris Fillmore discovered that the right side of the tires were very slick at that point of the course!! While leading his Heat Chris took out the straw in three and had to work hard the rest of the day and did by winning his Semi and unfortunately breaking the engine on lap 16 of the Main while running in the top positions.

Of course Doug Henry took all the honors of the win in Supermoto and Jurgen Kunzel killing the entire field in Unlimited by leading wire to wire. Nice work.
On another note, it is worth mentioning that Troy Lee Designs Rider Jeff Ward rode very hard and when the race was over he appeared to be in a ton of pain. Let’s hope Wardy gets better before Las Vegas and can put the chase back in the game for the GO-GO !!!
See you at the Final in Las Vegas!!

October 5, 2004

Reno hits the jackpot for AMA Supermoto……….

Hey everyone, the Reno round was the hottest event this year by far!! All the things AMA Supermoto has ever dreamed of, other than a small rain delay, came to play at Round 4.
A clear day began with great racing, people playing in the Truckee River, picnicking in the park, having a cold one at a local spot and AMA Supermoto racing by on the city streets!!! At first the locals seemed a bit put off by “another event” but in the end it was the sheer excitement of Supermoto motorcycles racing in the streets that caught the hearts of everyone we spoke to.
The rain came late in the afternoon just before the last Semi was about to take place.
Don Canet mounted a city street sweeper to move the water around and off the main section on First and Arlington. Then it seemed OLN would not have enough light to make it and that would be the case. Sorry Erin and crew……………..
However, a couple of shortened main events and it’s in the books. That’s why some of the photos you see from Reno look like the guys were racing at night. It was dark at the checkered flag of the final race but light enough to see very well.
The winners of this historical event are…………
in Supermoto Henry, Kunzel and Ward. Great job guys.
In Unlimited an all KTM Team sweep with Nicoll, Kunzel and Carlson putting the stops on everyone but it was a great race!!!!! ( I think JK is very serious about this)
In the American Supercamp Series Chad Cose narrowly beat for first by Siever and Johnson in for third. These kids put on one hell of a race. Congratulations to them and all of the Supercamp participants. Fun eh???
Now we’re off to the Hurricane Ivan delayed South Boston event and looking to the sky’s for a clear path to racing.
See you at the races…………..

via Suzuki

With the unprecedented popularity of supermoto racing, Suzuki introduces its DR-Z400SM. Based on the hugely popular and extremely capable DR-Z400S DualSport machine, the new Suzuki DR-Z400SM combines the engine and chassis of the DR-Z400S with the race-proven RM motocross-style forks and black-painted aluminum-rim wheels. The result is a racy mix of on- and off-road performance.

Look for a 2005 version for sale next Spring in a Suzuki dealer near you.

The 2005 Suzuki DR-Z400SM employs a compact 398cc four-stroke, liquid-cooled engine tuned for a broad powerband and low-rpm torque. The potent four-stroke also comes equipped with a four-valve cylinder head, 36mm CV-type carburetor, Suzuki’s own nickel-silicon-phosphorus-carbide-plated cylinder and a high-performance forged piston.

Power is transferred through a smooth-shifting five-speed transmission, while an electric start with auto-decompression system makes for quick and convenient starts. A thermostatically controlled fan and radiator provide consistent operating temperatures
in any environment.

The DR-Z400SM’s chromoly steel frame is similar to that of Suzuki’s RM motocross bikes, was designed with maximum torsional strength and light weight in mind.

Supermoto-race ready!

The oil for the dry-sump lubrication system resides in the frame’s main backbone and front down tube for optimum efficiency.

Suspension for the DR-Z400SM consists of fully adjustable RM250-derived inverted front fork and a quality rear shock. The rear shock also offers high- and low-speed damping adjustments as well as completely adjustable spring preload and rebound damping.

Oversize front and rear hydraulic disc brakes are mounted on black-painted aluminum wheels, as are 17-inch high-grip radial tires.

RM-inspired headlight housing and side panels decorate the DR-Z400SM, as does the slim-profile bodywork, which provides maximum rider mobility and comfortable seating. Rubber-mounted turn signals, a sturdy engine guard and rear disc-brake cover offer protection against rocks and debris, regardless of the terrain.

Air-filter maintenance is a simple affair, thanks to quick-release fasteners on the left side panel. Rounding out the DR-Z’s features are a powerful 55-watt lighting system and compact, multi-function digital instrument cluster, which includes a speedometer, odometer, dual trip meters, clock, timer and stopwatch functions.

Suggested retail is set at $6,099.

September 27, 2004


Chris Carr wins 6th National Championship Flat Track Crown!!!

All of us at Super-Moto Productions, Inc. would like to congratulate Chris Carr on his 6th AMA Pro Racing National Championship crown and his 4th in a row!!
Back in May of this year Chris had his first win of the season at our Concrete Short Track in San Francisco. This history making event was graced by flat track fans form all over the U.S. We would also like to thank Mike Dennis and Quality Checked, Certified Pre-Owned Ford for their support and help with AMA Pro Racing Flat Track events during this season. Great job to all of the teams and a final pat on the back for long time competitor, Kevin Atherton, on his Mile win at Du Quoin. This must be especially sweet for Kevin because this is the track that almost ended his career in 1999.
Great work Kevin and we’ll see you at the races!!!

Copper Mountain Double Header………………

Welcome back Supermoto fans!!!!

Hey everyone, thanks for checking in with Super-Moto Productions. The 2004 AMA Pro Racing Supermoto season is off to a great start with the double header at Copper Mountain, Colorado. The original opener scheduled for Reno, NV. will take place on October 2, and should be a kicker in downtown Reno!!! Hope to see all of you there.

Super-Moto Productions went on the road for this 2004 opener and the trip was very eventful to say the least. After a long days drive on day one, Tuesday, from San Francisco all the way to Salt Lake City arriving about 3 AM!! Up again on Wednesday morning and at about the Colorado border our motorhome had an enormous blowout on inboard drivers rear. Sounded like a bomb going off under us. J.D. was driving, (John Davis, our V.P. of Track Safety and Rule Compliance) and 32 feet plus trailer of 22,000 lbs. @ 80 MPH in the middle of the Utah desert was quite an eye opener!! This is just the beginning of the story. I hop out to take a look and there goes All Access with Micky Dymond behing the wheel and he drives right on by!! Probable didn’t recognize me however after a quick phone call he graceously offered to come back and help. We declined and thanked him for the offer. Micky is a great guy all around hands down!!

After inspection of the area we discovered the mudflap bracket had been torn out and shoved into the subfloor of the MH. Not to bad but tore it up!! Next AAA takes about 2+ hours to make it out. Next, in the middle of the repair the tow truck driver says, “Oh crap, oh crap!!” Yes, she went down off the jack like a kitten on a pillow right down to the rear disc rotor and resting on the storage doors!! Now we are 3 hours behind schedule and the MH has had better days. Just a reminder to all of you, ALWAYS USE WHEEL CHOCKS!! Hello!!!!! Some peoples kids I tell you.

To cut to the chase it actually suffered very minor damage but was damaged none the less. We were on the road to Grand Junction, Colorado where we bought another spare and were on the road again with confidence that our bad luck had passed. And so it did.

Now, the weather in Colorado was a bit shakey at first but cleared up for two great days of raw Supermoto action. The 9750 foot altitude did reek havoc on just about everyone. We were all trying to catch our wind all weekend. No doubt Doug Henry could brethe after the Saturday final taking first and looking very tough out there on the Copper Mountain track. Ward on his tail would hold off German Jurgen Kunzel for 2nd and 3rd with always tough Alex “Theibs” claiming 4th just ahead of youngster hot shoe Chris Fillmore rounding out the top 5. Everyone looked good all day and remember there is Sunday to do it all over again!!

The Unlimited final on Saturday was dominated by German KTM pilot Jurgen Kunzel. Never faltered even after a full race not 30 minutes before!! Team mate Kurt Nicoll rode hard to keep within striking distance, also on a KTM but settled for a hard won 2nd just ahead of nice guy who??,that’s right, Micky Dymond on a KTM as well!! Gosh, these KTM’s are hard to beat huh?? All of the supermoto machines we see at the AMA Pro Racing series are absolutly sweet and prepared to make any of us drool our brains out in envy………..

Now Sunday we had a bit of an eye opener. In Supermoto, the 450 class, Doug Henry jumps out into the lead with a blistering pace followed by Jeff Ward and CHM Exhaust sponsored Alex Thiebault who, by the way, is very hungry in this series. Not to mention Steve Drew who suffered a flat chasing Thiebs. Drew rides as hard as Ward or anyone out there and wasn’t the only one to have flat trouble over the two days of racing. Ben Carlson and a couple others took on flatty’s as well.
About mid race Ward gets wide in turn 9 and uses the bales as a berm to save it. After almost crashing to catch up leader Doug Henry breaks the Troy Lee Designs Honda to give Ward the win. Lucky Ward can ride but this was fate getting a pass by Henry.
Top 5 on Sunday were Ward, Thiebault, Kunzel, Nicoll and Drew in hot persuit. Making the Sunday 450 main and finishing a respectable 10th “Flipper” Metzger looks like he may have something up his sleeve this season!! Mike is always tough and looking to score podiums.

Sunday’s Unlimited looked a bit thin for riders. Possibly from Saturdays toll. Anyhow, riders like Super-Moto Racer Magazine’s Scott Hoffman were out there blasting around on a Husaberg. Think it’s for the mag?? I didn”t get a chance to drill him on success or test riding the Husa but he was having a good time. Pretty cool though the “usuall suspects” bar banging around on 525’s, 640’s and 650’s like Burkhart, Travis Marks, Leonardo Bagnis from Italy, Baffeleuff, Carlson and Atkins. Josh Chisum finishing 11th in Supermoto put up a 12th in the Sunday Unlimites race. These guys race hard for TWO races!! In the end your top three were again, Jurgen Kunzel followed by Kurt Nicoll and again great guy Micky Dymond. Dymond appears to be the “sleeper” here. Kunzel and Nicoll are extreemly fast and Dymond is always there to take the spot if there is just one little mistake.

Good luck to all the competitors this season. It’s looking like the American Championship in Supermoto will offer the greatest names in the industry from the past and present from around the world.
Don’t forget the Officials…………………..

The AMA Pro Racing Officials this year are mostly the same however, there are a few changes. AMA Supermoto on track officials for 2004 are Race Director Todd Eagan, Pit Steward John Casimir, new this year Cheif Steward Greg Farenstien, Starter Dan Argano, Grid Marshall Beth Miller, and of course Don Canet has a new position this year as Director of Operations.
Super-Moto Productions John Davis is your “at large” official working with Don Canet on Race day and your’s truly is one of the many Line Judges on the starting Grid.
The whole Timing and Scoring cast remains the same with few additions or changes headed by Ken Rodgers.
We want to congratulate newlywed Chris Bradley and bride. Chris was unable to attend due to a conflicting wedding date. Congrats on the your new marrige.

Many things are said in print and on the net about the AMA and the officials. These people are there to protect the public, riders and the sport. Keeping the integrity of the most prestegious racing in the counrty and around the world. These folks jump out there on a hot track to pull a machine off a fallen competitor and get the person going again. They make the track look like a race track, which seems to be a challenge to some
other sanctioning bodies. The officials take this job seriously and keep it safe all around for everyone. It’s a blast to do these tasks and hard work as well. Rules are rules and we need to be thankful that those guys and gals with the radios are watching closly. Watching for anything that may cause a crash or rule violation.
AMA Pro Racing is the sanctioning body of recognition by the industry in the U.S.
The Championships scored under this body are the most prestegious in the world. Many thanks for all the hard work keeping a dangerous and exciting sport safe and clean.

Next stop for the AMA Supermoto series is the Nashville Motorplex on September 11. Be there!!

See you at the races…………..

Ricky Graham Memorial…

Post-Race Remarks and Thank You’s!

APRIL 21, 2004

Only 10 days until the Ricky Graham Memorial Indoor Short Track and Motorcycle Show!

Don’t miss AMA Pro Racing Flat Track five-time National Champion Chris Carr, Johnny Murphree, Shaun Russell, Rick Hocking, Brett Landes and many more as they go head-to head for a $40,000 purse on the concrete at the Cow Palace in San Francisco on May 1, 2004.

In preparation for the event, the top four quad riders in AMA District 36 will be coming out to lay down rubber on the track before the race! Competitors and fans will be arriving from across the country for this national AMA competition, along with some of the most celebrated names in motorcycle racing history for a Legends Recognition Ceremony. Race day events include a mountain bike Trials Demonstration, and the first 3,000 fans through the door have a chance to win a FREE MOTORCYCLE!!!

Tickets for this AMA Pro Racing Flat Track event May 1 are available at the Cow Palace box office or Ticketmaster.  Brought to you by Top Oil, Quality Checked Certified Pre-Owned Ford, Fairfield Cycle Center, Mission Motorcycles, Motion Pro, A&A Racing and Super-Moto Productions!!!!

April 13, 2004


Too Many Events…

Super-Moto Productions, Inc. would like to thank all of those who participated in our online sign-up survey for an amatuer event on May 2.. We knew this would give us an idea of the potential turnout for an AMA Sports Short Track at the Cow Palace. Our survey was based on a Sunday May 2, 2004 race date (see below for results). In the end, we decided that the costs were too high to warrant an additional day of rent and adjusted the date to the morning of May 1st, before the AMA Pro event. This presented another issue, as a number of emails were received from SuperTT participants who cannot attend Saturday morning due to the SuperTT event at Infineon. As you can see, this is adding up to a growing defeat of our Amateur event.

Simply put, there are just too many events going on to make a good event at the Cow Palace for Amateurs. We want to offer quality events to our competitors. We would like to acknowledge Don Canet who worked with us to resolve a potential conflict in our Pro event and his SuperTT event. An agreement was reached, resulting in only a final on Saturday at Infineon after the Superbike program concludes.

As you can see, there is a ton of work that goes on behind the scenes to try and make things work. There are just too many events sometimes, and we feel this is progress toward good things.

We regret to inform the racing community that we cannot justify holding an event at the Cow Palace for Amateurs on that weekend. It just doesn’t work with the big picture. Instead, we offer that in the near future we will announce an AMA Sports Amateur event of better rider turnout and better overall quality for fans and participants to enjoy. At Super-Moto Productions, Inc. our goal is to bring quality events to you, rather than just holding events because we can cram them in and make it happen “no matter what”. No one is really served with a situation like that.

Keep watching our schedule for a possible October event around the Del Mar dates already being worked out by quality promoters in Southern California.


Fifty-seven (57) individuals responded, for a total of ninety-four (94) machines to be entered in the race, in the following classes:

86cc – 125cc: 12 machines
126cc – 200cc: 2 machines
201cc – 250cc: 12 machines
251cc – 450cc: 12 machines
401cc – 505cc: 10 machines
506cc and over: 4 machines
Veteran over 30 yrs: 7 machines
Senior over 40 yrs: 14 machines
Super Senior (50 yrs and over): 6 machines
DTX1: 52cc – 65cc: 7 machines
DTX2: 66cc – 85cc: 4 machines
DTX3: 86cc – 125cc: 1 machine
DTX4: 126cc – 250cc: 0 machines
DTX5: 251cc – 500cc: 3 machines

Super-Moto Productions, Inc.
Goes Flat Track!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On Saturday evening, May 1, 2004, Super-Moto Productions, Inc. will be promoting an AMA Pro Racing Flat Track in San Francisco, California at the Cow Palace. This Short Track will be “On the concrete”, an event that will be part of the AMA Pro Racing, Flat Track, Progressive Insurance National Championship category. The excitement and history of this type of Flat Track racing is coming back to the West Coast.

For the past few years there have been no official AMA Pro Racing Flat Track events on the West Coast in the Progressive Insurance, National Championship Series. At this time of year, the East is still under a cold freeze, so this event will give the competitor a chance to race soon after the Daytona event at a time when they would otherwise be required to wait until the East thaws.

On the weekend of May 1, 2004, there will also be an AMA Pro Racing Superbike Event held at Infineon Raceway in nearby Sonoma, California. How often does one get a chance to experience AMA Superbike during the day, and Flat Track races at night, all within an hour of driving time!

The on-track event will feature a Legends Race, Celebrity Race, and possibly a Youth racing event.* Check for updates as they occur.

In addition to the short track, there will be full motorcycle show consisting of three classes: custom, racing, and historical machines. Any entries to the show must inquire with Super-Moto Productions before April 15, 2004 and provide a copy of the insurance policy for the entered machine.

Super-Moto Productions, Inc. has established a relationship with The Clayton Memorial Foundation. This event will be billed as “The Ricky Graham Memorial Indoor Short Track” and Motorcycle Show and will benefit the Clayton Memorial Foundation in Ricky Graham’s name.

Ricky Graham was a fierce competitor; his record of 12 wins in a single season still stands in the Flat Track record book. Super-Moto Productions and Ricky’s family are proud to hold this event in his name.

Please join us in our effort to raise funds for the Clayton Memorial Foundation

Round 4: October 18, 2003 — Reunion Arena, Dallas, TX

Ward and Chambon Rule Dallas Supermoto

Jeff Ward continued his perfect AMA Supermoto form, winning his third race in three attempts at the wide-open Reunion Arena circuit in downtown Dallas. Ward took the early lead, fighting back a challenge from Grant Langston over the opening laps. The South African’s debut AMA Supermoto soon took a turn for the worse as his bike stalled on lap 5 after clipping a hay bale in the tunnel section of the course. Ward then waited for charging World Supermoto star Boris Chambon to make a bid for the win after pushing his way up through the field. Chambon, the fastest man all day long, missed out on Superpole and a shot at a top grid position when he retired from his qualifying heat race while leading. The Frenchman skillfully worked his way up to second from his lowly semi-final-earned spot on the grid and by the halfway point was within several bike lengths of Ward. Chambon had no answer when the Troy Lee Designs Honda ace stepped up his pace over the final several laps, however. Yamaha rider Doug Henry out-dueled Jeremy McGrath to finish in third. Ward’s third win of the year put him alone out front in the points race.

Earlier, Chambon was victorious in impressive fashion in the Supermoto Unlimited final. Ben Carlson finished second with Mickey Dymond completing the KTM podium sweep. 12-year-old Colter Dimick dominated the Jr. Supermoto Challenge.

Round 5 of the series is set for Nov. 1 at Irwindale Speedway. Visit for more info

October 5, 2003

Carlson and Ward Win at Columbus, Ohio

This weeks Red Bull Supermoto Championship Series in Columbus, Ohio was an awesome event. The A.D. Farrow Cup Sponsored by A.D. Farrow Harley Davidson in Columbus
 provided Supermoto fans with one of the best events of the year.

Don Canet put together a wild track downtown for riders to work with utilizing a huge mound of soil and a great dirt section. Many felt it was the best so far by AMA Pro Racing. Using an All Access metal jump ramp for transition to the slightly higher ultra fast and challenging paved area. The first seen in this series seemed to be an excellent addition to challenge riders even more. AMA Officials contributing to the American Pro Series are Moto Guzzi Master and Supermoto Chief Steward, Todd Egan, long time Canet associate and Pit Steward, John Casimir, Dirt Track and Road Race participant and series Starter Dan Argano as well as many others from AMA Administration, Motocross, Dirt Track and Road Race.

In the KTM Unlimited Final Ben Carlson, who was hot all day, was in great shape for a win. On the first turn Carlson and Chandler tangle resulting in severe leg damage for Veteran Chandler. Carlson was shaken mentally and team mechanics calmed the rider for the re-start. Without question, the re-start of this Final in Supermoto at Columbus was very intense. Carlson had to start in the back row for causing the Red Flag under AMA Pro Racing Rules concerning re-starts.

At the green light Supermoto hotshoe Steve Drew snags the holeshot and holds the lead till lap 4 when passed by Bagnis. Ben Carlson worked his way through the field and by lap 17 Carlson goes into the lead causing a huge reaction by the fans. Popular with fans all day, Carlson holds off Vertemati mounted Bagnis while sixteen year old Chris Fillmore chases for third. Larry Pegram held off Steve Drew, who has shown he’s a force to be dealt with in this series, rounds out the top five.

The Red Bull Supermoto Superpole went to Ben Carlson. The last rider of the Superpole field, Carlson seemed to focus on smooth consistent riding which paid off by putting together an outstanding lap ahead of veterans like McGrath, Ward, Avard, Chandler and Doug Henry. Carlson opens up with the holeshot and in hot pursuit are Henry,

Burkhart, Theibault and McGrath. On lap 10, McGrath and Ward get by Henry and apply pressure on Carlson who is setting an incredible pace but the experience of Mc and Wardy are to much. Jeff Ward snuck by McGrath on lap 14.

On lap 16 of the 20 lap shortened race, Ward and Mc get by Carlson on a big mistake dropping Ben to 6th behind point’s leader and Suzuki mounted Mark Avard.

The race finished with Ward taking his second win of the series followed by McGrath, Doug Henry, Theibault, Avard and Carlson just outside the top 5 in 6th position.

With credit to Ben Carlson, who raced a full 25 lap main event in the KTM Unlimited class just minutes prior to the 450 Final, given a few more laps Ben Carlson may just have put more pressure on the top 5 for a better finish. KTM riders Pegram and Fillmore also race the KTM Unlimited class finish a respectable 6th and 8th.

Doug Henry jokingly took the top podium spot before the announcer and Ward were able to get there. A funny guy and a good heart at that, Henry looked loose in practice but performed very well and certainly is a force to be dealt with in the rest of the series. Most will remember a back breaking crash Henry suffered a few years ago. Undaunted and a racer true and true, Henry showed the fans in Columbus he can still be very competitive.

Super-Moto Productions, Inc. would like to thank Corse Superbikes the entire KTM Supermoto Team for an autographed black AGV full face signed by all in silver ink. This helmet will be raffled of for a contribution to the Clayton Memorial Foundation Saturday, October 11, 2003 at the Lodi Cycle Bowl. A District 36 Sports Scrambles event in which Super-Moto Productions President will be competing. (no, i’m not wearing the helmet)

See you in Dallas, Texas on October 18th for round # 4 of the AMA Pro Racing Red Bull / KTM Supermoto Championship Series.

Lodi update…………October 11, 2003.


After an 18 year absence in Flat Track competition Supermoto Productions, Inc. President, Brian Schmeltz rode a Motard prepared Suzuki DR 650 in two classes. The AMA District 36 Open Class and 40+ Veteran. In practice Schmeltz

September 30, 2003


PICKERINGTON, Ohio (Sept. 30, 2003) — Irwindale Speedway in Irwindale, Calif. will host Round five of the AMA Red Bull Supermoto Championship on Saturday, Nov. 1, 2003. Irwindale is a suburb of Los Angeles approximately 15 miles east of the city.

AMA Pro Racing Vice President, Director of Communications, Kerry Graeber stated this will be an important event due to its location in the “heart of the motorcycle industry.” Five major motorcycle brands as well as a significant number of aftermarket companies are based in Southern California. “Motorcycle enthusiasm runs high in Southern California and AMA Pro Racing is extremely popular here,” said Graeber. “We hold three AMA Supercross events, an AMA Motocross event and a round of the AMA Superbike Championship all in the greater Los Angeles metropolitan area. To bring a round of the AMA Red Bull Supermoto Championship here is a natural extension of our business development. We have high expectations for this event.” Underscoring the importance of Southern California to the motorcycle industry, AMA Pro Racing established an office in the Los Angeles area in 2001 to better serve the needs of the motorcycle community.

Irwindale Speedway is a paved oval track used primarily for auto racing. Sections of the oval as well as the infield will be utilized in creating the supermoto track. The facility has been utilized before for local and regional supermoto events and Chris Bradley, AMA Pro Racing Associate Director of Commercial Development, thinks the facility lends itself well to supermoto racing. “This will be the second race of our inaugural championship season held on a paved oval,” said Bradley. “The unique configuration found in this type of facility allows us to be creative in our track design. We’re looking to construct a course that will yield plenty of tight racing with high speeds and lots of passing.”

Bradley added that the event will be festival-like in its presentation. In addition to all of the racing activities, look for riding exhibitions, live music and vendor displays. “Supermoto is hot and we’re planning on making this a standout event,” said Bradley. “There’s a groundswell of supermoto interest in the Los Angeles area and anyone who is a fan of motorcycle racing will not want to miss this race. We’ll have plenty to see and do and there will a ton of big-name riders in attendance.”

Tickets go on sale Thursday, Oct. 2. For ticket information call (626) 358-1100 or visit

Also available in black.
It appears someone forgot to removed the rear fender pouch from the DualSport bike. .