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Super-Moto Productions 12/2011


Hey everyone,
Welcome and thank you for dropping by the site! It’s been way to long and we thought it was time to bring it back and tell the story of the AMA Supermoto Series.
This site is also the home website for me, Brian Schmeltz and all the things that I (we) do in the world. You will eventually be able to navigate through my personal pictures, stories and business opportunities from the racing series.
As well you will be able to navigate through my personal business services and opportunities.

For now here is what you can look forward to in the near future.
I’m going to post most of my personal photographs from the years we worked on the AMA Red Bull Supermoto Series. (The best of them all) We will tell our stories and we will be asking you for yours as well.

There will be a special Ricky Graham section and most of that will be the story and pictures of the AMA National Ricky Graham Memorial Indoor Short Track we promoted in 2004. We will ask for your favorite RG memories and we will tell ours as well. That should be really fun.

We are going to be following the future The Top Oil Ack Attack, and rider Rocky Robinson. We will likely put in some of the history of the motorcycle land speed record that has occurred within the past 10 years or so. That’s a great story.

The World Supermoto schedule and updates from now on will be available her as well.
As an added link we plan to have a full section on AMA National Speedway Championships and the World SGP Series that we have had a serious passion for since moving near Auburn California and enjoying Fast Friday’s.

We will link SCRAMP, the Sports Car Racing Association of the Monterey Peninsula. This non profit body has been running Laguna Seca Raceway for many years. We hope to promote the value of these volunteers and how this organization uniquely operates the overall track functions. There will be rare track footage and lots of Laguna Seca personal history and you can join in on that too!

Finally you will be able to navigate through a private section of the site with memberships. These memberships will allow the subscriber to access special deals on everything from tools, motorcycle equipment, riding schools, motorcycle racing event tickets and associated tours. The race event guided tour package will be a huge part of our new focus. Stay tuned……Moto!!!!

Yes, we have some killer plans so keep coming back and check us out.  By this time next year we hope to be in full swing!!! Thanks and keep American Super-Moto ALIVE!!



January 25, 2007

Below are the events for 2007

August 25-26 Location TBA
September 22-23 Location TBA
October 20-21 Stockton Motorplex Finale

September 8, 2006

Are you ready for District 36 Supermoto?  We are excited to announce this long anticipated Black Plate Series and we need your help D36 members. This is the first Black Plate Series in the U.S. There has never been an AMA Sports Supermoto Championship outside the NASMOTO Grand Championships. How can you help?

Simple, go to the website and save $10.00 off each entry and pre-register before October 1, 2006. (Don’t worry you can actually pay at the event when you get there) Check out the rules and see where you fit in the class structure. You’re probably asking, “What about a District card in Supermoto?” Current District card holders need nothing but a current AMA card as well to enter and all cards will be available on site at all three events.

We need your help in the sponsorship arena as well. Since it’s a bit late in the calendar year for proposals you can take advantage of the great deals SMP is offering. If your construction company, shop or product needs exposure at this AMA Series please contact the helpful folks at Super-Moto Productions for some very creative Series Sponsorship opportunities ASAP!
Send an e-mail to the contact person below.

The opener is in Stockton Oct. 28-29 at the Motoplex. The finals will be the weekend of Nov. 11-12 in Stockton, CA. with a BBQ on the 12th.

Motostrano and Leo Vince have stepped up to the plate, so far, to provide support so if you need parts go to them and get ready to have a great time. Leo Vince will be offering two $500.00 certificates towards products in two classes yet to be determined.
There is an “Original Superbikers “ class if your not quite sure about pumping out the cash for a set of 17’s yet and a DRZ 400SM Challenge class for you riders who have shelled out for the street version and want to see what you can do on the track!!

OK, go to the website now and pre-register. Nothing to loose by doing that and save some money by letting us know you’ll be there.  Direct your questions by e-mail to [email protected]  Once you’ve done it we know you’ll come back for more. Pass the word to others and we’ll see you at the races!!

May 22, 2006

Super-Moto Productions would like to announce the signing of AMA Sports Racing competitor Chad Cose. We are proud to represent Mr. Cose in all business associations in his transitional years from amateur to professional motorcycle competition.

On December 7, 2006 Mr. Cose will turn 16 years of age and be eligible for an AMA Pro License. We are encouraged by his natural talent, as a motorcycle racer, and encourage the industry to support his racing career by considering his past championships and commitment to maximum sponsorship exposure.

As well, we have committed to the support of 2005 AMA Sports Supermoto SM1 Champion Travis Ellis from Bakersfield. We want to congratulate Mr. Ellis for his mid pack qualification and finishes in Fontana during his first Professional event. We are confident the other competitors are taking notice and you will be successful this season.

Mr. Ellis and Mr. Cose have earned podium finishes in over 80% of events entered over the past 24 months. This monumental achievement makes them highly attractive sponsorship material for our industry. It is our goal to present Mr. Ellis and Mr. Cose together for 2007 in AMA Supermoto as members of the GT Racing Supermoto Team. Part of Super-Moto Productions Risk Management leg, GT Racing, will present Mr. Cose in Lites and Mr. Ellis in his current class Supermoto or 450.

Please join us in our commitment to maximum sponsorship exposure by supporting these two athletes in the years to come. Let us know how we can help your business grow by contacting us for a personalized sponsorship package today.

See you at the races!!